Human Factors Research Methodology (MEIE642)

Statistical analysis techniques and experimental design methods are taught in this class. Experimental design methods include between-subject designs, within-subject designs, mixed-factors designs, randomized block design, latin-square design, hierarchical design, central composite designs and some other efficient experimental designs. Analysis of variances is the main analysis techniques along with response surface methodology and regression analysis.

Tentative Course Contents
- Introduction to experimental design
- Design classification
- Between-subjects design
- Randomized-Block design
- Comparisons
- Within-subjects design
- Mixed-factors design
- Fractional-factorial design
- Empirical model
- Introduction to response surface methodology
- Central composite design
- Sequential experimentation
- Introduction to nonparametric analysis (If time is available)
- One-sample case analysis
- Two-sample case analysis
- K-sample case analysis