Human Performance (MEIE553)

This course is divided into roughly five modules:
the first one represents human information processing and control,
the second deals with affective human factors designs that are recently introduced and researched in product design and evaluation,
the third introduces the input modalities to human-operator processing system,
the fourth discusses human computer interaction and psychophysiology,
and finally anthropometry and workplace design are explained if time allows. Each of the lab is intended to the one of these modules.

Tentative Course Contents
1. Psychophysical measurement of thresholds
2. Psychophysical methods and theory
3. Theory of Signal Detection
4. Measurement of sensory attributes
5. Psychophysical scaling
6. Psychophysical law
7. Attention and perception
8. Spatial Displays
9. Navigation and interaction in real and virtual environment
10. Language and Communication
11. Decision making
12. Memory
13. Selection of action